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Enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities in Franklin-Hamilton Counties.

Welcome to The Adirondack Arc

The Adirondack Arc

Mission Statement

The Adirondack Arc's stated mission is To provide opportunities to people with developmental disabilities to live a full and meaningful life through improved supports in all areas of life.

Vision Statement

All people are treated with equality, dignity and respect..

Agency Values

The Adirondack Arc embraces the following values:

  • Dignity and Worth
  • Legal and Human Rights
  • Self-Determination and Choice

  • Community Settings
  • Social Capital
  • Community Partnerships
  • Shared Leadership
  • Continuous Learning
  • Open Communication
  • Continuous Improvement

The Adirondack Arc continues to be a leader in providing supportive home environments to people with developmental disabilities. Through the Arc, people are able to live in comfortable houses and apartments and are encouraged to become active members of their community. All of the residences the Adirondack Arc has supported the development of in the past fifteen years have been for a maximum of three people. In most cases, people choose who they want to live with.

The Adirondack Arc
The Adirondack Arc
12 Mohawk Street  ·  Tupper Lake, NY 12986  ·  Phone: 518-359-3351  ·
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