Employment Opportunities Tupper Lake, NY

The Arc employs over 350 people in the Adirondacks! The Arc is one of the area's largest not-for-profit human service organizations. We are always recruiting for qualified employees interested in a career with a purpose. At the Arc you will experience a friendly work environment, stable employment, skill enhancement and opportunities for advancement. The Adirondack Arc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For more information about current employment opportunities. Please contact The Adirondack Arc Personnel office at 518-359-3351.

Please save the application to your computer, then fill it out and save when done to prevent losing what you type. Once completed, email to Apply@Adirondackarc.org.

For any questions please contact us at 518-359-3351

General Minimum Qualifications

18 years of age, or High School graduate or equivalent. May be required to have a valid NYS driver's license and adequate transportation. Possess adequate communication skills.

Preferred Characteristics

Someone who has a positive attitude, works in the best interest of people, is self-confident, interactive, mature, caring, a good listener, responsible, and seeks new knowledge. General Support responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the attainment of personal outcomes of the people you work for.
  2. Encourage people to take control of their services.
  3. Support people in their personal care, as required.
  4. Assist people to participate in community activities of their choice. Build or enhance relationships.
  5. Participate in Individualized Personal Outcome Measures.
  6. Administer, record, and inventory medications, as required.
  7. Participate in all required training and meetings.
  8. Account for personal fund and petty cash expenses, as required.
  9. All other responsibilities as assigned.

Residential Programs Position Descriptions

Direct Support Professional

Responsible for supporting people in the attainment of their individual outcomes and desires. Candidates will work to establish a positive relationship with each person and assist them in their day-to-day routines within their home and community.

Plan Writer

Acts as a liaison between the person and his/her family, and other support networks. Responsible for supporting people in the attainment of their individual outcomes and desires.

Assistant Manager

Responsible for working for staff to assure that each person we serve is choosing and achieving their personal outcomes in their home and community. Facilitates support networks for people we serve. Participates in on-call management rotation.

Program Manager

Works for staff to help plan, organize, hire, coordinate, direct, report and budget all phases of services assigned, in the best interest of the people served. Is responsible for the continuous direction, and daily operation. Ensures that quality of life is maintained, policies and philosophy are met. Participates in on-call management rotation.

Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Advocate for effective use of the medical care system. Ensure adherence to preventive health care plans. Organize and monitor individual medical regimens. Provide training to staff and residents.

1:1 Aide

A 1:1 Aide is responsible for working directly with a specific child, meeting his or her needs throughout the 5-hour school day. As directed by the teacher, an Aide follows the classroom routines and schedule, helping the child to participate to the best extent possible. An Aide can be asked to assist the teacher with other students, to implement the educational program, and to help prepare materials and the classroom for the school day's activities. An Aide also assists staff at the end of the school day in the cleaning of the spaces used. An Aide is responsible for communicating with support staff, therapists, and the teacher. An Aide is a representative of the agency and shall conduct himself/herself in an appropriate manner.


The Adirondack Arc offers qualified candidates a competitive wage with regular increases based on training and longevity. All employees are covered by Worker's Compensation, Disability and Unemployment insurance and participate in the Social Security Retirement System.

In addition, all full-time regular employees are eligible for paid vacation, sick and holiday leave; group hospitalization/major medical insurance, prescription plan, and life insurance.

  • Vacation Leave: Non-exempt, full-time and part-time employees with less than three years of continuous regular employment receive ten benefit days of vacation leave per year (15 days for employees with 3-5 years of service, 20 days for employees with 5 or more years of service) accrued on a bi-weekly basis, based on their regular weekly hours.
  • Sick leave: All full-time and part-time regular and school employees receive ten sick benefit days per year, accrued biweekly, based on their regular weekly hours.
  • Holiday leave: All full- and part-time regular employees receive 14 benefit days of holiday time per calendar year, accrued monthly.
  • Retirement: Employees with two or more years of service may be eligible to participate in the agency's qualified retirement plan that is funded 100% by the employer (no employee match).
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity: The Arc offers its employees an opportunity to save for their retirement through a tax-deferred payroll savings plan.
  • Employee Health Care Coverage: The Adirondack Arc offers its employees medical insurance coverage. The plan includes a comprehensive hospitalization/major medical plan with a co-pay prescription program. The plan is available to all employees appointed to a regular position of 30 hours per week or more. Employees are required to pay a portion of the cost of coverage through payroll deduction.
  • Life Insurance: All regular employees hired for 30 hours per week or more are eligible to enroll, 1X your salary with a minimum of $30, 000 with a max amount of $150, 000. The Agency pays 100% of the premium. Employees have the option to apply for additional life insurance coverage at a minimal monthly cost.

Credit Union Membership

The Adirondack Arc is a member of the Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union and the Tri Lakes Federal Credit Union. All employees are eligible for membership.

Flexible Spending Accounts

All full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Adirondack Arc's Flexible Spending Accounts plan. Employees can elect to have amounts withheld from their paychecks and paid into "Spending Accounts." Amounts set aside are tax free to the employee both when withheld from the employee's paycheck, and when paid to the employee as a reimbursement with regard to expenses incurred for qualified benefits. The Adirondack Arc offers employees three Flexible Spending Account options for: (1) medical premium reduction; (2) healthcare reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical/dental/vision expenses; or (3) dependent-care reimbursement. Employees can experience a 20% cost savings by participating in these programs.

Associates Degree

The Adirondack Arc has partnered with North Country Community College to assist Arc employees interested in pursuing a college degree. The Arc pays all tuition costs and books. The employee goes to school and studies on his or her own time. Successful students will earn an associates degree in independent studies, with a focus in developmental disabilities and human services.

For a complete explanation of our benefits package please contact Jackie Stiles at the Adirondack Arc's personnel office 518-359-3351, ext. 116.