A Supportive Home Environment Can Improve Your Loved One's Quality of Life

Learn about our home support services in the Tupper Lake, NY area

The Adirondack Arc provides home support services to children and adults with disabilities who live with their parents, with their guardians or on their own in the Tupper Lake, NY area. Our staff can work with you and your loved one to create a plan so your loved one can achieve their goals.

Our residential support services focus on health, networking, financial management and independent living. As-needed and 24-hour home support is available.

Through The Adirondack Arc, people with disabilities can learn how to create a budget, develop exercise routines and volunteer with causes they're passionate about. We provide...

  1. 24-hour home support for up to 14 people through our supervised individual residential alternatives (IRA) program.
  2. At least two hours per week of support to individuals or couples living in apartments through our supported IRA program.
  3. Personalized support through our home-based waiver program.
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